How to Turn On / Off OurTime Auto Login Settings? has a largest user database and the website structure is a little complicated for older personals, so a lot of members don’t use it in a good experience. Some members even forgot their login information frequently. OurTime have the function to remember user’s login status, but they don’t know how to turn on or cancel the ourtime auto login setting. Now you can check the process below.

Turn On Auto Login Settings

To auto login your account when visiting next time, you just need to remember your username and password. On the ourtime login page, enter your email and password, remember to check the “Keep me logged in”box under the form, then click the login button. You will be automatically signed in when you open your browser next time.

Turn Off Auto Login Settings

If you want to cancel the auto login setting, just go to the “Account Setting” page and manually log out your account first. But uncheck the box “Keep me logged in” next time when you logged in if you don’t want to automatically enter this site. See screenshot below.

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